Marine Drones

In the Marine Drones project,  we demonstrate the use of autonomous platforms/drones at sea to make measurements and observations in the marine environment. The vessels admit long endurance operations with little personal effort. We demonstrate that resource-efficient, rapid and sustained efforts can provide real-time observations of critical factors for the environment and safety.

Measurements and observations of the marine environment are vital for a wide range of stakeholders, including scientists, operational forecasters, commercial operators in the marine industry (e.g. shipping, offshore, aquaculture, tourism), as well as actors with responsibility for monitoring and safety (e.g. police, search and rescue, coastguard, defence). Conventional methods, which are based on crewed vessels, will not be a viable route, due to costs and other limitations. In order to enhance the efforts of measurements and observations, an increased use of autonomous platforms will therefore be required.

Our project aims to demonstrate the flexibility of existing autonomous platforms, operating on the surface of the water, and how these through intelligent and innovative solutions can be developed to greatly increase our ability to monitor the marine environment.

We start from three different types of drones/platforms. Platforms different capabilities allows us to develop and demonstrate multiple conceptual actions, including scientific measurements and environmental monitoring, monitoring of facilities and areas, efforts in which drones assists other drones, efforts with the drones in the heavily trafficked waters, etc.

Project partners are:

  • University of Gothenburg
  • Alkit Communications AB
  • Depåservice AB
  • RISE 200-310
  • SP Marine Tech AB 100-105

The project is funded by VINNOVA.