In the health care sector, Alkit Communications is developing information and communication support for new care and nursing concepts, often involving multiple cooperating units. This involves new strategic and operational knowledge management and development of new system architectures, methods and tools for cooperating health care systems.

Alkit develops software supporting data capture, communication, processing and storage for applications in e-health. Data capture from sensors, such as body tracking devices or pulse and oxygen saturation sensors, complemented with self-assessment information (fatigue, discomfort) and meta-information (timestamps, locations) are handled in a secure and efficient communication and data processing platform, with a strong focus on privacy, reliability and scalability to a large number of users and large data volumes. Collected data is managed in a cloud-based environment, with front-end user interfaces developed using web-based technologies, and APIs for programmatic access to data for analytical processing and integration with external health care information systems.

Alkit also develops software components for planning, management and follow-up of home cared patients, which can be combined with the data collection and processing platform into process-oriented e-health monitoring and support systems.

Alkit’s e-health software stack furthermore includes high-quality multimedia communication services (live video and audio) for synchronous communication between patients and caregivers, implemented as middleware components to facilitate integration in e-health applications.

One example application developed by Alkit combining medial data capture, process support and synchronous multimedia communication is the rehabilitation system eSense, targeting home cared COPD and Stroke patients. The eSense system relies heavily on gamification mechanisms, whereby the home cared patient performs physical exercises at home, monitored by body tracking devices and other sensors, with data being uploaded to a cloud-based back-end system accessed by physiotherapists and nurses from the caregiver. The system includes an exercise planning tool, a data analytics and follow-up tool, and direct video communication support between caregivers and patients.

Alkit’s e-health software solutions are developed using industry standards and best practices for medical data representation, interoperability and privacy.