The WICE system is a flexible automotive telematics platform providing powerful metrology, fleet management and state-of-health services for test vehicles. WICE also supports rapid prototyping of new in-vehicle functions and services, and enables continuous roll-out of ECU software. For more information, see this whitepaper or contact Alkit Communications.

PDU-IT (Process oriented Documentation and follow-Up IT-support) is a web-based e-health tool for supporting an individual process consisting of assessment, goal setting, realization and follow-up of social and medical care activities. PDU-IT has well developed support for the ICF classification (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health).

Alkit Confero
A comprehensive real-time conferencing and collaboration software suite supporting audio/video teleconferencing, application sharing, text messaging, remote camera control, multimedia streaming from servers and more. All tools are IP-based and allows flexible, scalable multipoint or point-to-point collaboration to be realized over the Internet or in corporate/campus intranets. Click here for more information.

Reflex RTP reflector/mixer
An RTP packet distribution server for multipoint conferencing sessions. Click here for more information.

eSense is an e-health tool for performing structured therapy exercises according to an individual plan based on needs and goals. The tool contains support from gaming technology and can be used in a distributed manner so that exercises can be performed at home using interactive video mediated  support for professional support from a health care unit such as hospital, rehab unit, primary care unit or home care unit. The web based planning tool makes it possible to plan intensity levels and regimes related to the different  exercises.

MedSec is a process and patient oriented tool for secure planning, administration and dispensing of drugs in nursing homes and other types of environments. The tool consist of web based front-end parts as well as back-end server parts. Contact Alkit Communications for more information.