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E-Health projects

Reducing waiting time from diagnosis to plan of treatment at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital

Alkit Communications is the supplier of the distance spanning solution for sharing ultrasound sequences and other medial data in realtime videoconferencing sessions at the Queen Silvia Childrens Hospital in Gothenburg. The Confero Telemed platform allows medial professionals to share not only traditional patient record information but also different types of streaming multimedia information.

Test bed for person centered care and nursing

Alkit and partners are running a test bed supported by VINNOVA focusing on concepts and ICT services to realize new forms of person centered care and nursing where many professional actors and units are involved, including the individual and relatives. A generic individual-oriented process and a generic concepts model are core elements. One of the focuses is the ability to represent and meet individual values and needs in relation to different concepts for cooperating care and nursing. Different types of computer support to use the ICF classification are explored. The partners running the test bed together with Alkit are Famna, Bräcke diakoni and Jönköping Academy.

COPD - Home Treatment of Patients with Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency

Alkit participates in a project developing a telemedicine solution for treatment of Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency (COPD) patients at home. All aspects such as technical implementation, economic viability, medical processes, as well as acceptance of new technology by the patients and medical professionals are taken into consideration. Within the project, Alkit is focusing on developing video communication solutions and serious gaming technology for rehabilitation training. The project is coordinated by SICS. More info here.

Information Quality in Cardiology

Alkit has developed a platform for accreditation of cardiologists for adding information for Swedish national quality registries. The purpose is to support a high degree of information quality for quality registries, for the purpose of development of new therapies and care treatment strategies.

Completed projects


In the MedSec project, Alkit developed a process oriented smartphone-based tool for secure dispensing of drugs in nursing homes. More info here (in Swedish).


This project is focusing on the fact that many patients have visited several care and nursing units to get appropriate services for his/her whole health situation. The problem (which is a very common one) is that one unit does not know what the other unit is planning for the patient. The result is that the care quality for the patient will be very low.

The information has to be projected so that the patient can be put in the center. This means that when information about the patient is requested from one actor involved in the care of the patient all relevant planned events have to be accessed from several involved units in order to create an appropriate picture of the situation for that patient.

One other goal for this project is to promote team based care for the patient. This means that, when several professional groups are involved in the care and nursing activities for the patient, certain information elements can be common between the different professional groups. In that way observations and decisions concerning the patient can be made known for other members of the team and the quality and adequacy of the care and nursing actions for the patient will be better. There can also be a learning element between the team members. The knowledge of the different team members can be used in a better way.


The purpose of the MobiSams project is to explore how advanced home health care in co-operation with other health care units can set the patient in the centre, to develop cross professional care team oriented work procedures and making it possible to treat new patients in the home through the potentials of extended and mobile information systems and services.

Patients who are treated in the home get services from several care and nursing providers like the hospital, the community, the home health care unit, the primary care center, etc. This is a demanding situation where the different actions have to be co-ordinated so that the quality for the patient can reach a sufficient level. One important focus of the project is to make the information available in a mobile manner. This means that when a care providing professional wants to check which other visits are planned from other units for that specific patient, information from different units can be collected and the whole view of the patient´s situation be made available. Authorisation services are also provided by the component based platform.

The information system components also support team based care so that professionals of one category can see important information parts from other professional categories so that information about observations and decisions can be shared. This will lead to better care and nursing quality for the patient.

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