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Telemedicine and e-health co-operation components

In the health care sector, Alkit Communications is focusing on creating new strategic and operational knowledge of new system architectures, methods and tools for health care information systems to meet the increasing demands for co-operation between different care units, and for the continuity of care. This means linking to international work on architectures and standards and creating new components to meet national and local needs to create better quality in care services for the patient. Telemedicine is part of such a co-operation environment.

Alkit Communications is also focusing on knowledge, methods and tools for component-based synchronous collaboration tools supporting tasks like remote medical consultations, medical education and assistance. This includes high quality video communication, sharing of audio/video clips and images from investigations, and sharing of information from medical information systems like care plans, contact documentation, referrals, etc.

Alkit is heavily involved in development of physical training aids based on serious games. Using the Kinect sensor, Alkit has developed assessment and intervention tools for rehabilitation of stroke patients. This also includes assessment tools based on tablet computers. The Kinect-based training platform is also used in combination with Alkit.s video communication technology in a solution for home care of patients with Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease.

The architecture of health care information systems is an important issue for Alkit Communications in order to support customers with solutions for change and for communication and openness.

Applications and knowledge provided by Alkit Communications are often built on international standards. Information models form the basis for the design of our components.

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