Alkit Servo

Alkit Servo is a multimedia server that can stream audio and video files over IP/UDP/RTP to a client application in real time. Specifically, the Alkit Confero teleconferencing application can be used as a client, to stream multimedia clips to each participant of a collaboration session.

Alkit Servo can support continuous media playback as well as random access to the individual frames of a video clip. Playback at various frame rates is also supported, for slow motion and similar applications. The audio and/or video media streams can be sent to any number of unicast or multicast addresses, as specified by the controlling client.

Supported media files/encodings are:

Current version: 0.6

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usage: servo [-c config_file] [-d debug_level] [-p port] [-h]
-c config_file : specifies the pathname of the configuration file
-d debug_level : specifies debug output verbosity (0-3)
-h : prints this help text
-p portnum : sets socket port number (default 4444)


Alkit Servo is configured by a simple configuration file. The default name of the configuration file is servo.conf.
Sample config file


Alkit Servo was previously known as 'sserv'.

It is possible to use Adobe Premiere to produce QuickTime movies to stream to confero. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Video files saved in Alkit Confero can be streamed from Alkit Servo.

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