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WICE - Wireless Information and Communication Environment
In the WICE Project, Alkit develops automotive telematics and fleet management software for Volvo Cars.

BAuD II - Big Automotive Data
The BAuD II project is a continuation of the BAuD FFI project in which a prototype solution has been developed that allows for automated analysis of large data sets collected with the help of telematics services from fleets of test vehicles. In the BAuD II project, the prototype system will be improved and extended in several ways. This includes for example the collection and analysis of subjective user data, captured using a smartphone app, which will provide more precise information on customer needs and expectations. The project also studies privacy issues when collecting and analyzing automotive data from customer vehicles. Project partners are Alkit Communications, Volvo Car Corporation, SICS Swedish ICT and Chalmers University of Technology. The project is co-funded by VINNOVA within the FFI programme.

Completed Projects

Second Road - Continuous Roll-out
Alkit participates in the Continuous Roll-out sub-project of the Second Road projects together with Volvo Cars and Semcon. The goal of the project is to improve the deployment and testing processes of automotive software development by through remote software upgrades over the air in connected vehicles. The project is co-funded by VINNOVA within the FFI programme.

SAPPA: Service Architecture for Product and Production Availability
The aim of the SAPPA project is to develop, test and demonstrate an innovative cloud-based predictive and preventive maintenance system, improving availability of products and production systems, with a focus on heavy industry applications. The approach is to proactively detect deviations in behavior of products, compared to a simulation model continuously updated with real-time data captured from products in operation, using telematic services and cloud-based analytics. As an additional benefit, the operational data collected from products in use creates a valuable information asset supporting knowledge driven product development, whereby next generation products are improved and the time to market for new products is reduced. The SAPPA project is part of the Produktion2030 Strategic Innovation Programme. More info here.

Smart Vortex
Smart Vortex is a large scale integrating project within the seventh framework programme funded by the European Union. The goal of the project is to provide a technological infrastructure consisting of a comprehensive suite of interoperable tools, services, and methods for intelligent management and analysis of massive data streams to achieve better collaboration and decision making in large-scale collaborative projects concerning industrial innovation engineering. Alkit contributes with competence and development efforts both regarding collaboration technology and sensor data stream capture and processing. More info here.

BAuD - Big Automotive Data
The BAuD project is devoted to studying Big Data concepts and techniques in an automotive context. When vehicles become connected to the Internet and telematic services give the opportunity to collect vast amounts of data, the challenge is how to make the best possible use of the data to improve vehicle development and to create new products and services. Project partners are Alkit Communications, Volvo Car Corporation, Uppsala University and Luleå University of Technology. The project co-funded by VINNOVA within the FFI programme. More info here.

iStreams: Searching and analyzing on-line high volume industrial streams
Alkit participated in the iStreams project, together with Uppsala University and Luleå University of Technology. The goal of the project was to develop software infrastructure to efficiently monitor, filter, mine, and analyze large volumes of data originating in vehicles or other products and industrial equipment. Alkit's contribution to the project was a technological platform for wireless acquisition of measurement data, with a special emphasis on automotive applications. For more information, see the iStreams home page.

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