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WICE is a system for automotive telematics, analytics, remote ECU software download and fleet management. A whitepaper is available here. Contact Alkit Communications for more information.

Alkit Confero
A comprehensive real-time conferencing and collaboration software suite supporting audio/video teleconferencing, application sharing, text messaging, remote camera control, multimedia streaming from servers and more. All tools are IP-based and allows flexible, scalable multipoint or point-to-point collaboration to be realized over the Internet or in corporate/campus intranets. Click here for more information.

Reflex RTP reflector/mixer
An RTP packet distribution server for multipoint conferencing sessions. Click here for more information.

Alkit VNC
An enhanced version of the VNC application-sharing software by AT&T Laboratories. Source code is freely available. Alkit VNC is part of Alkit Confero.

Alkit Communications AB